Book available for free!!

My critically acclaimed book – They Call Me Joyless…– that I released in 2019 in print form sold out completely. Thanks to all who bought a copy.

I can’t be bothered to pay for another print run and do all that queuing up at the post office again so I have decided to make the book available as a free PDF download instead.

I know you think that is far too generous of me but hey!.. that’s what I’m like. The book has been updated and some of the original typos been removed. There are extra photos and links as well as updated text from 2019 to now.

They (still) call me Joyless

The PDF file can be downloaded here from my dropbox”

I hope you enjoy the read.. there is a pay what you want option via PayPal should you feel generous, any monies received will be put to good use.


Love P

They Call Me Joyless

They Call Me JoylessThey Call Me JoylessThey Call Me JoylessThey Call Me JoylessThey Call Me JoylessThey Call Me JoylessThey Call Me Joyless

2022 Joyless Jones Update

Joyless Jones
You know I looked good, even if I didn’t sound good

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the website… I’m such a lazy git! But behind the scenes Joyless Jones has been busy in the studio writing, recording and mixing new stuff, so here’s an update;

I‘ve produced a great remix for the absolutely marvellous and talented Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons. It’s a banging remix of their track Abuser. Check it out at Youtube here:

As part of a little experiment, I have released a 47 second track that I wrote for a TV theme last year under the Joyless Jones moniker, the idea being that only the first 30 seconds counts on Spotify as a download. By keeping this song on repeat 24 hrs a day … well, you guess the rest. Its called Spit, Don’t Dance and you can see it here:

Another recent remix is one of my own tracks- Liar -originally appeared on my Contrivances for the Soul Album. The original was written with the piggy- fiddler David Cameron in mind but the sentiments are equally applicable to Spaffer and his Bullingdon mates. Hear it here:

Twisted was my first home-recorded CD release back in 1998 when all I had was a small dial-up PC and a Yamaha sound card. It was basic to say the least but I self released it to a fanfare of silence. I’ve now made it available as a digital release. The original CD included a cover version of PiL’s Blue Water, but I haven’t included it in the digital version due to licensing issues with my old guvnor Johnny. It also appeared on TributeMartin Atkins put this together in 2014? as an album of PiL cover versions (as if the originals weren’t bad enough!).

And lastly… for this update, I have released yet another digital single as Joyless Jones I’m Happy Being Joyless… says it all really.

Finally!… I have seen recent posts regarding the 41st anniversary of the release of Is Vic There? by Department S. It’s good to see my old mates putting it out there. This release is a re-recorded version of the old classic so not much new to see there; it’s a shame they didn’t do a completely updated version IMHO as its just pretty much the same as the original and doesn’t do much for me but good luck! Its a limited edition coloured vinyl release so that’s always a good thing.

See ya soon if the Monkeypox don’t get ya!



I have had the greatest pleasure in remixing a tune for the finest of garage punk rockers, Fever Creature. The tune is What the Eye Doesn’t See and one that appears in its original form on their debut digital EP release Behind Closed Doors.

I challenged my very good friend from Rogue Sector Andy Trussler, to do a remix of the video from the original release which he has done with great aplomb. Check out the tune and the video here:


Check out what these cheeky chaps are up to on their Facebook page..

Take care out there kids… and if anyone wants some super remixing done, give me a shout.

re...Groovy cats.

Joyless Jones remixes Department S tune

Department S released a marvellous album back in 2015 called When All Is Said and All Is Done which I co-wrote and produced.

The title track was written by Phil Thompson who now fulfils guitar duties with the Rezillos as well as Dept S. I decided to remix the track for fun, so this isn’t an official Department S endorsed release which is a shame. So there you go, let’s not let it go to our heads.

Here’s a rather unenthusiastic Youtube video I put together mashing up a bit of footage from the original Department S video along with my own footage.


Onwards and upwards chaps

Joyless xx

Another lockdown release!

You’ll be thrilled to know I’m sure, that the second part of the Bunky Wimp series is now available for download from all your favourite (and not so favourite) digital sources.

Who is Bunky I hear you cry?”.. Well you’ll just have to work it out for yourselves once all tracks in the series are released.

It’s called.. The Ballad of Bunky Wimp (Part2: Arthur). You can listen to it here for free on Youtube if you feel so disposed, but do buy a download if you can, my children are starving.


Parts three and four are currently being worked on (when I have the energy) and should be available by the summer. I am hoping to do a physical release of all four tracks in the future should there be enough demand.

In the meantime, wear a mask or stay in.

Bunky Wimp Pt 2 Cover

Love and piss

Joyless xx

Joyless Youtube channel here

Here comes Bunky Wimp!

Yep!, Bunky Wimp is coming…20th November 2020 sees the release of yet another Pete Jones digital single on JAM UK records. . It should be available from all your favourite digital outlets.


The Ballad of Bunky Wimp cover art
Bunky Wimp Cover Art

This is the first of a four part project, with Bunky being the main theme. Parts two, three and four will be released in due course.

Who is Bunky Wimp? Well, that’s for you to figure out, answers on a postcard please!

The official video for the release is now available on YouTube.



“This is the best 4 part trilogy I’ve ever heard…” JL

“I’ve never met Bunky Wimp, but I’m sure that if I did, I’d either kiss him or smack him in the mouth…It is a ‘He’ right?” Q

“It’s a cosy little number, perfect for these cold winter nights…” Knitting Weekly.

For other stuff, visit my shop and buy shit here.

If you just wanna read about Johnny and PiL click here

Pete Jones/Leigh Heggarty release

I‘m not going to let this shitty lockdown get me down… I have been busy collaborating with my old friend; RUTS DC guitarist Leigh Heggarty to produce a wonderful new single, out now on my JAM UK label.

It’s called WORLD IN SUNLIGHT. An instrumental that features Leigh’s superb guitar skills.

It’s a digital only release, available from all your usual stockists. I knocked up a quick video for it on YouTube


Stay safe fuckers!