Rare Live Appearance!

I am thoroughly pleased to announce that I shall be appearing in person at the February 2020 Rock N Roll Book Club event, staged at the Dublin Castle in London’s Camden Town. I will be interviewed live by Julie Hamill talking about my new book, “They Call Me Joyless” and all things related to PiL, Department S, Brian Brain et al. followed by a one-off performance of an all-star band put together specially for the event. Tony Gleed will be spinning discs to keep the toes a tapping.

pete does his stuff
Be there or be absent

The Pete Jones Book Club All Star Rock Combo Band UK Ltd.

We will be performing mainly PiL material with some extra surprises and guests thrown in for good measure (and possibly thrown right out again!). We will be following the traditional Public Image Ltd. format in that there will be no rehearsals, set lists or song lengths agreed before hand. It could be a train wreck! but excitingly watchable nonetheless.

Tickets are only £6 and are available from www.wegottickets.com or £8 on the door (if it doesn’t sell out). Put the date in your diary; Weds 5th Feb 2020 7:30pm start.

See you at the bar!

Pete x

New vinyl album

The new album, Contrivances For the Soul is now available. Also available as digital download from the usual suppliers.

Place your order on the shop page here:


Cover art for contrivances for the soul album by pete jones (ex pil Department S)
Contrivances For The Soul

The album is a limited edition release and is numbered, coloured, 180gm vinyl in a gatefold sleeve. It’s a beautiful piece of work. Leigh Heggarty from Ruts DC is guest guitarist on the track Psycho Drill

This is likely to sell out fast so reserve your copy now!!

Feel the tension!!!

It’s release time again.. Psycho Drill (Rogue Sector Remix) is available as a digital download from Friday 3rd May from all your favourite outlets. Those clever chaps from Rogue Sector have cut and diced a track from my forthcoming album, Contrivances For The Soul, and served up a real treat.. please check it out and let me know what you think. There will also be a video available so look out for that too.

Cover art for the digital single 'Psycho Drill' remixed by Rogue Sector
Psycho Drill Remix cover art

Link to Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BA5cFSFIacE

Rogue Sector are busy putting the finishing touches to their minimalist electronica debut album, available later in the year… can’t wait for that!

Digital download on Amazon

Pete Jones on CD Baby

See you at the Department S gig at the 100 Club in June supporting Johnny Moped? Who’s going?

Johnny Moped at the 100 club

So, feel the tension, and relax.. Psycho Drill won’t kill you

See ya next time fuckers

Pete ‘Joyless’ Jones

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New Single Release

New single, Blood Red, Bible Black, is available as a digital release from today (Friday 12th April). Available form all the usual digital outlets.




It’s not a new song. I wrote and recorded it in 2007 but it never got a release so I thought I’d give it an airing now. Thanks for your support.

cover art

In other news; I have been managing building work at my house including the inclusion of new studio space so its all been a bit chaotic for the last few months.

It’s all finished now, back amongst the leafy glades of Harpenden which is uplifting at this time of year. I have completed connecting up bits of gear after unravelling all the cables so ready to crack on with new and existing projects.

Stay safe fuckers! Keep in touch via the mailing list

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They think it’s all over…It is now!

After 100 shows, my last Department S gig went with a bang at Minehead last weekend. It was a weekend of mixed emotions; I was quite sad that my tenure with the band was coming to an end but I was reminded of how many lovely people I’ve met along the way. I got a bit carried away flinging my guitar around at the end of the set but it seems to have survived. Those Fender basses can take a great deal of punishment. Thanks to all those that have supported me over the last 5 years, I’ve made loads of new friends and I hope to see you at a gig some time soon.

Minehead is a great festival and this year had some massive performances from the likes of The Undertones, The Skids, The Rezillos, The Vapors, The Members, Toyah, 999 and Big Country.

Pic Steve white

It was also a weekend that saw Phil Thompson doubling up on guitar duties by playing his first gig with the Rezillios. It was a bit strange standing in the crowd watching him play with another band, as if he was cheating on me! He played a blinder and the band sounded as good as ever. I’m looking forward to hearing the results of new recordings from them later in the year.

I‘m gonna spend some time on the sofa, and work some more on my solo material. The Contrivances For The Soul album is still due for June this year and in the meantime, the Psycho Drill single and Rogue Sector remix are doing well. I will be thinking about returning to the live stage later in the year with a brand new line-up. Watch this space, but dont hold your breath.

You’ll see a new track released soon. It’s an old recording form 2008 but it never was released properly so I’ve decided to put it out as a digital release now. Blood Red, Bible Black will be out in April.

Be good fuckers! and keep in touch!

Pete xx

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Psycho Drill….OUT NOW!

My new digital only single Psycho Drill is out today, 15th Feb. It’s taken from my Contrivances For the Soul Album, due for release in June 2019 on limited edition numbered and coloured vinyl. There will be a release party at a table for one this evening.

Psycho Drill cover design by Pete Jones

Guitar duties on Psycho Drill are handled by my dear friend and Ruts DC guitarist Leigh Heggarty. You will currently find him on ’40 years of The Crack’ tour with Ruts DC ably supported by the wonderful Professionals

40 years of The Crack tour dates RutsDC

Its available form all the usual digital stockists or listen for 0.000001p on Spotify if you must.



Psycho Drill on Spotify which is fine but doesn’t support the artist

Thank you all very much for your continued support….

Joyless xx

New Single Release

Psycho Drill poster

I will soon be releasing a new track – Psycho Drill – taken from my forthcoming album Contrivances For The Soul on February 15th. This will be a digital-only release through my own J.A.M. UK record label. The album will be released through Plastichead and will be a limited edition vinyl release in a gatefold, numbered sleeve. It will also be available for digital download through the usual channels.

Psycho Drill poster

Psycho Drill Features the amazing guitar talents of Mr Leigh Heggarty who most people will know, plays for Ruts DC. He will also be joining Alvin Gibbs from The UK Subs for some live dates this year. My loveable friends Rogue Sector will be doing a remix of this track just as soon as they can make time in the studio… i’m looking forward ti hearing that!

The release date for my album has been pushed back to June due to a massive pressing backlog at Plastichead.

In other news, you may have seen the announcement that Department S guitarist Phil Thompson (now known as Phil Marx) has been offered the guitar slot for The Rezillos. I’m really pleased for Phil, he obviously impressed Fay and Eugene when we did some live dates with them last year. He is a perfect fit for the job and I’m sure he will do really well. The Rezillos are planning to record some new material this year and Phil will undoubtedly be at the heart of the songwriting process.

My book is still going through the laborious editing process. Since my decision to leave Department S in April this year, it has meant the last chapter or two of the book has to be rewritten to cover my reasons for leaving. Things are usually more complicated than they first appear and all will be become clear!

One thing is for sure, I’M NOT RETIRING!! I’ve got plenty to do going forwards and of course, I’m always on the lookout for interesting projects to get involved with.

Keep warm out there fuckers!

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Pete x


2019 News….

I’m catching an earlier train out of here..

After some discussions with the Department S management, I have decided to terminate by tenure with them a bit earlier than first expected. My original plan was to make the Department S Rebellion appearance in August my last show. The hometown gig at Harpenden on 5th April will now be my last gig.

The reasons for this are that the band have now found a replacement for me and as they are keen to get on and record a new single it would seem reasonable to hand over the bass playing duties sooner, rather than later.

So, I have only 4 more gigs to play with the band:

18th Jan Bedford Esquire’s supporting Gene Loves Jezebel

19th Jan London Islington Academy supporting GLJ

8th March Minehead Alternative Music Festival

19th April Harpenden Halls Revelations Punk Festival


Come and join me if you can, be nice to see you before I go! It also mean I will have a bit of spare time through the summer to work on new activities, including studio work. If anyone has tracks that need mixing, give me a shout!




It is with a moist eye that I announce I shall be leaving Department S in 2019.  After more than four years and 100 or so gigs, I feel the time is right to move on and consider other projects going forward. The decision is mine alone and one I’ve been wrestling with for some time – I really do love those boys and will greatly miss their humour and professionalism – but artistically, I felt I had done all I could and I need now to face a different challenge.

Department S

I’ve had a great time working for this seminal band and I am very proud of the shows we played at and the recordings we made. The marvellous people I’ve met along the way, many of who have become true friends, made the not so glamorous gigs bearable and the bigger shows some of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure to play. We’ve had some right laughs, not least of all with my roommate Phil Thompson who has become a great friend and one of the few people I can stand sharing a hotel room with!

I aim to leave the band by the time of Rebellion Festival in August so in the meantime, if you want to come along to any Department S shows to say goodbye and weep uncontrollably on my shoulders, please do. Department S will continue with a new, as yet, undecided bass face and I wish him/her all the best with the band.

I am not retiring from making music; my new album and book will be out next year and I am hoping to have some exciting news to announce regarding a new musical project. Watch this space. I am also hoping to tie up with Martin Atkins on his book tour next year following our successful appearance at the Islington last month. I will of course, still be available to work in my producer role with other band’s music in my newly refurbished studio.

Is Vic There?… I don’t know, but I never found him despite four and a half years of looking.

Keep in touch,  and please, do sign up to my mailing list to keep abreast of my endeavours.

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Love and respect,

Pete ‘Joyless’ Jones