2022 Joyless Jones Update

Joyless Jones
You know I looked good, even if I didn’t sound good

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the website… I’m such a lazy git! But behind the scenes Joyless Jones has been busy in the studio writing, recording and mixing new stuff, so here’s an update;

I‘ve produced a great remix for the absolutely marvellous and talented Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons. It’s a banging remix of their track Abuser. Check it out at Youtube here:

As part of a little experiment, I have released a 47 second track that I wrote for a TV theme last year under the Joyless Jones moniker, the idea being that only the first 30 seconds counts on Spotify as a download. By keeping this song on repeat 24 hrs a day … well, you guess the rest. Its called Spit, Don’t Dance and you can see it here:


Another recent remix is one of my own tracks- Liar -originally appeared on my Contrivances for the Soul Album. The original was written with the piggy- fiddler David Cameron in mind but the sentiments are equally applicable to Spaffer and his Bullingdon mates. Hear it here:

Twisted was my first home-recorded CD release back in 1998 when all I had was a small dial-up PC and a Yamaha sound card. It was basic to say the least but I self released it to a fanfare of silence. I’ve now made it available as a digital release. The original CD included a cover version of PiL’s Blue Water, but I haven’t included it in the digital version due to licensing issues with my old guvnor Johnny. It also appeared on TributeMartin Atkins put this together in 2014? as an album of PiL cover versions (as if the originals weren’t bad enough!).

And lastly… for this update, I have released yet another digital single as Joyless Jones I’m Happy Being Joyless… says it all really.

Finally!… I have seen recent posts regarding the 41st anniversary of the release of Is Vic There? by Department S. It’s good to see my old mates putting it out there. This release is a re-recorded version of the old classic so not much new to see there; it’s a shame they didn’t do a completely updated version IMHO as its just pretty much the same as the original and doesn’t do much for me but good luck! Its a limited edition coloured vinyl release so that’s always a good thing.

See ya soon if the Monkeypox don’t get ya!


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