Another lockdown release!

You’ll be thrilled to know I’m sure, that the second part of the Bunky Wimp series is now available for download from all your favourite (and not so favourite) digital sources.

Who is Bunky I hear you cry?”.. Well you’ll just have to work it out for yourselves once all tracks in the series are released.

It’s called.. The Ballad of Bunky Wimp (Part2: Arthur). You can listen to it here for free on Youtube if you feel so disposed, but do buy a download if you can, my children are starving.


Parts three and four are currently being worked on (when I have the energy) and should be available by the summer. I am hoping to do a physical release of all four tracks in the future should there be enough demand.

In the meantime, wear a mask or stay in.

Bunky Wimp Pt 2 Cover

Love and piss

Joyless xx

Joyless Youtube channel here

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