Book/Solo Album news

‘Writing a book, It all takes so long…’

The book is trundling on, I have severe writers cramp, so much to say, so little time; I have had 4 advance edit copies printed to send to my trustworthy editors to rip apart and reconstruct. I’m hoping they will be kind to me. It will ruin me if one typo slips through the net, I hate that. So I’m hoping that any errors are caught soon and it all makes sense. It’s around 85,000 words so there’s a lot of checking to be done. I’m hoping to have the edit and re-write completed by end of the year, that’s this year, 2018.
My new solo album Contrivances For The Soul is almost complete, just one last guitar solo to go on and I’m happy to say that Leigh Heggarty from Ruts DC is coming over to my studio next week to record it for me. He will be the only other musician on the album, apart from one female spoken sample, everything else is me. Then it will go off for mastering by the bloody marvellous Pete Maher who masters tracks for U2 amongst others, you here his work every day on that there wireless thing.
The release date for the album is set for release via Westworld on March 15th 2019. A gatefold heavy duty, numbered,  coloured vinyl it will soon come around, and I may try to tie in the book and album launch at the same time if I can get organised, makes sense.
The current run of Department S dates with the Rezillos has sadly come to an end. What a blast it was, such fun. Sad to see that Jim Brady has left guitar duties, he is such an immense presence on stage and off I don’t quite know how they will manage to replace him, but I have a good suggestion. Both bands got on really well, so look out for some more Rezillos/Department S news for
next year!
That’s all for now, keep warm, stay safe and keep in touch
Joyless xx

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