Brian Brain

“Brian Brain?!!…..Its a good job there was nobody here, you would have been fucking lynched..” 

Said the manager of the General Wolfe venue in Coventry in 1980… he was right!


Brian Brain were minutes, if not days ahead of their time. A wonderfully anarchic trio of Martin Atkins, Bobby Surgeoner and myself toured the states 4 times and had a couple of jaunts round Europe as well as travelling up and down the UK. Oh what fun we had, punk as fuck! Our first gig was at the John Bull Chiswick in 1979 and we caused mayhem all over the place and usually ended up paying the price (like being charged for cleaning banana off the curtains). But it was stupendously great fun to be doing that in your early twenties. Then, the future didn’t exist and you could survive on crisps, chocolate, beer and speed… The rest of the story will be in my BOOK.

I used to carry a camera with me most of the time when I could afford to get the film developed! Most of these pictures are such for example and others are generally by Maureen Baker.


Brian Brain continued for some time after I left the band during my PiL tenure, Margot Oliviera (ex-Go-Go’s) took over bass duties and my old mate Geoff Smyth joined on guitar. Happy days.

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London 1980


Here’s my lockdown cover of Jive Jive