DEPARTMENT XS… Kings Of The World 2024

DEPARTMENT XS KINGS OF THE WORLD 2024 … A new digital release remixed and remastered for 2024.

No, XS doesn’t stand for extra small… though there are plenty of people I would describe thus.


Seeing as most of the Department S back story seems to have been mysteriously airbrushed from history (, I wanted to remind people of just how good Department S were circa 2015/16. KINGS OF THE WORLD was originally written for the 2016 release of the critically acclaimed album WHEN ALL IS SAID AND ALL IS DONE, mixed and produced by Pete Jones.

Kings of the World has been reworked, mixed and mastered for a fresher feel for 2024. Pete Jones re-recorded new guitar parts and added layered synth sounds to compliment the original track. Personnel on this recording are;

Ed Roxy: Vocals

Alex Lutes: Drums

Pete Jones: Bass/Guitars/Programming/mixing

As the current line up of Department S (without any of the original members) continue to tread the worn out road with live gigs and releases, it would be courteous to acknowledge those that have gone before in a suitable and respectful manner. The reformation period between 2007 and 2019 for the band cannot be understated, the personnel involved during this time made some great contributions to live shows and festivals across the UK and Europe as well as releasing new material. Without this contribution, the band wouldn’t exist today.

Don’t forget! My book, They Call Me Joyless is still available in PDF format FREE of charge from this website. You will find the 2015/16 period in Department S history covered fully. see here

(Note, This is not an official Department S release from the current line up)

Cover art fro Kings of the World 2024

Good luck……… Have a great Christmas and I hope you get everything you deserve in 2024, just don’t be a cunt.

Pete Joyless Jones December 2023

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