Jonesy Hits the Charts (again)

It’s been a while. This Is Not a Love Song hit the the top of the singles charts around the world – #5 in the UK – back in 1983. Since then, all my solo releases have tended to fall down the “never to be seen again” plug hole.

I don’t mind or really care for charts and lists etc.. nor do I give a shit if my releases earn me any income. I just do it for the art maaaan. I gave up a long time ago worrying about such things. It took me the best part of 20 years before I managed to secure royalties from Love Song and even then, its not exactly enough to retire on.

So I was somewhat surprised to find last week that my re-release of Spanish Snow (that appeared originally on my Contrivances For the Soul album in 2019) featured in the 365Radio legacy chart voting pool. Whereby, listeners could vote for their favourite track. (feel free to buy the audio tracks if you want to support my art further).

Contrivances For The Soul Cover

After contacting all my friends and associates asking them to vote, It appears the song charted at number 19, beating the likes of Debbie Harry and Nick Cave, Black Grape, Fallout Boy and ABC, then the following week leaped up to #9. A top ten hit no less!!

Amazing what you can do!

So thanks go out to all that voted and I hope you all continue to vote to nudge my little tune further up the chart. It’s a song I’m very proud of and is truly a solo effort as I played all instruments and sang the tune with help from nobody at all thank you.

I should also thank Dawn Parry who is tireless in her support for artists old and new putting together a daily radio show for 365.. I don’t know how she does it.

Anyway, thanks again.. help is much appreciated and I hope you like the track. Here’s a video I put together for it.


Stay safe…stay alive… love music

Joyless xx

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