“Connecting, networking, helping others is the only way to make headway these days. We are all connected, you just have to find a way…”

Here are links to my social media pages:

And some more stuff:

I have a Soundcloud page where there is some interesting unreleased stuff of mine

My Youtube channel where you can find all sorts of videos.

Here’s my Bandcamp page where you can also buy stuff

Department S website all things related to the band, gigs and stuff

Department S Twitter feed

Fodderstompf a Good Public Image related site 

Rebel In Print T-Shirt Printing (where we get Dept S shirts done)

Rotosound Strings

Plastichead recordings

Here’s a link to  my daughter’s Facebook profile for her project ‘Kintsuku’

And her Soundcloud account for more toons

360 Club

She’s one of the greatest loves of my life.