Lockdown Tunes

Here’s a cover of Pocket Calculator by Kraftwerk. I covered this as a challenge given to me, just for fun. I never really did like Kraftwerk.

Thrash… I used to play this live when I was playing for Cowboys International..circa 1980. A band that had a lot of promise but imploded before they reached their full potential.

What can I say about Brian Brain. I suggest you get hold of a copy of my book. Jive Jive released on Secret Records in 1981.

I Want by Department S was always a favourite of mine to play live. This here is a tribute to the clever lyrics by the much missed Vaugh Toulouse.

This was a bit of fun, after hearing our glorious leaders talking bollox I decided to include them in this little ditty.

Keep looking out for further tunes and cover versions to keep us amused during these terrible times. In the mean time, stay in, stay safe.

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