Martin Atkins visits, and it’s goodbye from Joyless….

As the weary month of November dragged on, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with my old pal Martin Atkins during his UK speaking tour. I haven’t seen martin since he last came to the UK in November 2018 when we did an impromptu jam at the Islington.

On the 13th November I joined him in Manchester and on the 16th at The Dublin Castle. I took my bass along so we could play a few PiL tunes as part of his talk. As shit often happens when you least expect it, two days prior to this Keith Levene’s death was announced. Martin and I were both shocked, yet not entirely surprised at this. Keith had been ill for some time but he was taken far too young.

brothers in USA
Keith Levene me and Martin Atkins

Keith was an innovative guitarist and very influential during the post-punk era. He would approach playing in a unique way, throwing convention on its head to come up with something unique and quite brilliant. Sometimes he missed the mark but when he was in the right frame of mind it was utterly captivating.

Rest in peace old friend.

Martin’s events were great fun. He is an excellent speaker at these things and even though I’ve heard the stories all before, he always manages to entertain. At the Dublin Castle I met up with a lot of old friends who I hadn’t seen since before lockdown, marvellous.

Pete Jones and his drummer
Pete and Martin rock out

Sadly, those two events mark my last ever live appearances. I have decided to hang up the bass for live work. I don’t have the appetite for it anymore and heaving huge bass cabinets up and down stairs for a pittance isn’t really doing it for me. I shall remain a studio rat; it’s where I’m happiest, writing and producing my own songs and mixing or remixing for anyone who wants me. Its all in my book which you can download for free here.

bass monster
pete jones rock god does his thing

It’s been a blast!

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