After the Department S album When All Is Said and All Is Done was released, Phil Thompson and I individually began writing new songs for the next album. I think we accumulated around 20 demos between us and we began whittling these down to a list of around 13 that we intended to record.

This process took fucking months, with very little impetus shown by the band in getting the songs rehearsed and recorded. So the songs just languished on our respective hard drives until I eventually left the band. More can be found on this in my book. INFO HERE

Cover art for pete jones single, Jealousy. Or are you envious?
Jealousy Cover art

I can now spend time putting the songs out on my own and the latest of these is Jealousy. You can guess what it’s about. It’s a digital only release on my JAM UK label, as there is not enough demand for physical product if I’m not touring.

I think Phil has reworked some of his songs for Department S as he is still in the band so good luck!

Anyhoo, download or not, don’t be jealous, and live your life.


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