New single release

I am please to announce that I have released a new digital single as of 22nd March. It’s a reworking of a song written and recorded for the Critically acclaimed Department S album When All Is Said And All Is Done, which was released in 2016 on Westworld/Plastichead.

This is being released on Pete Jones’ label Jabberjab ART and Media UK.

Free here for a limited time.

I have taken the original recording and re-recorded guitar and vocal parts to freshen it up a bit, perfect for these apocalyptic times. It can be downloaded at the usual digital outlets but my preference is CDBaby who I’ve worked with for many years and I trust them to pass on the money

Cover Art

Musicians playing on this are:

Pete Jones: Guitars, bass, vocals, synths, programming

Phil Thompson: Guitars

Alex Lutes: Drums

Recorded, mixed and produced by Pete Jones at JAM UK studios Harpenden.

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