I have had the greatest pleasure in remixing a tune for the finest of garage punk rockers, Fever Creature. The tune is What the Eye Doesn’t See and one that appears in its original form on their debut digital EP release Behind Closed Doors.

I challenged my very good friend from Rogue Sector Andy Trussler, to do a remix of the video from the original release which he has done with great aplomb. Check out the tune and the video here:


Check out what these cheeky chaps are up to on their Facebook page..

Take care out there kids… and if anyone wants some super remixing done, give me a shout.

re...Groovy cats.

Joyless Jones remixes Department S tune

Department S released a marvellous album back in 2015 called When All Is Said and All Is Done which I co-wrote and produced.

The title track was written by Phil Thompson who now fulfils guitar duties with the Rezillos as well as Dept S. I decided to remix the track for fun, so this isn’t an official Department S endorsed release which is a shame. So there you go, let’s not let it go to our heads.

Here’s a rather unenthusiastic Youtube video I put together mashing up a bit of footage from the original Department S video along with my own footage.


Onwards and upwards chaps

Joyless xx

Another lockdown release!

You’ll be thrilled to know I’m sure, that the second part of the Bunky Wimp series is now available for download from all your favourite (and not so favourite) digital sources.

Who is Bunky I hear you cry?”.. Well you’ll just have to work it out for yourselves once all tracks in the series are released.

It’s called.. The Ballad of Bunky Wimp (Part2: Arthur). You can listen to it here for free on Youtube if you feel so disposed, but do buy a download if you can, my children are starving.


Parts three and four are currently being worked on (when I have the energy) and should be available by the summer. I am hoping to do a physical release of all four tracks in the future should there be enough demand.

In the meantime, wear a mask or stay in.

Bunky Wimp Pt 2 Cover

Love and piss

Joyless xx

Joyless Youtube channel here

Here comes Bunky Wimp!

Yep!, Bunky Wimp is coming…20th November 2020 sees the release of yet another Pete Jones digital single on JAM UK records. . It should be available from all your favourite digital outlets.


The Ballad of Bunky Wimp cover art
Bunky Wimp Cover Art

This is the first of a four part project, with Bunky being the main theme. Parts two, three and four will be released in due course.

Who is Bunky Wimp? Well, that’s for you to figure out, answers on a postcard please!

The official video for the release is now available on YouTube.



“This is the best 4 part trilogy I’ve ever heard…” JL

“I’ve never met Bunky Wimp, but I’m sure that if I did, I’d either kiss him or smack him in the mouth…It is a ‘He’ right?” Q

“It’s a cosy little number, perfect for these cold winter nights…” Knitting Weekly.

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If you just wanna read about Johnny and PiL click here

Pete Jones/Leigh Heggarty release

I‘m not going to let this shitty lockdown get me down… I have been busy collaborating with my old friend; RUTS DC guitarist Leigh Heggarty to produce a wonderful new single, out now on my JAM UK label.

It’s called WORLD IN SUNLIGHT. An instrumental that features Leigh’s superb guitar skills.

It’s a digital only release, available from all your usual stockists. I knocked up a quick video for it on YouTube


Stay safe fuckers!


Lockdown Tunes

Here’s a cover of Pocket Calculator by Kraftwerk. I covered this as a challenge given to me, just for fun. I never really did like Kraftwerk.

Thrash… I used to play this live when I was playing for Cowboys International..circa 1980. A band that had a lot of promise but imploded before they reached their full potential.

What can I say about Brian Brain. I suggest you get hold of a copy of my book. Jive Jive released on Secret Records in 1981.

I Want by Department S was always a favourite of mine to play live. This here is a tribute to the clever lyrics by the much missed Vaugh Toulouse.

This was a bit of fun, after hearing our glorious leaders talking bollox I decided to include them in this little ditty.

Keep looking out for further tunes and cover versions to keep us amused during these terrible times. In the mean time, stay in, stay safe.

New single release

I am please to announce that I have released a new digital single as of 22nd March. It’s a reworking of a song written and recorded for the Critically acclaimed Department S album When All Is Said And All Is Done, which was released in 2016 on Westworld/Plastichead.

This is being released on Pete Jones’ label Jabberjab ART and Media UK.

Free here for a limited time.

I have taken the original recording and re-recorded guitar and vocal parts to freshen it up a bit, perfect for these apocalyptic times. It can be downloaded at the usual digital outlets but my preference is CDBaby who I’ve worked with for many years and I trust them to pass on the money

Cover Art

Musicians playing on this are:

Pete Jones: Guitars, bass, vocals, synths, programming

Phil Thompson: Guitars

Alex Lutes: Drums

Recorded, mixed and produced by Pete Jones at JAM UK studios Harpenden.

Dublin Castle 9/2/20

A wonderful night was had by all at the Rock n Roll Book Club earlier in February at the Dublin Castle. It is usually held on the first wednesday of every month run by Bugbear Promotions (Tony Gleed) and the very talented Julie Hamill who probed Pete Jones to within a plectrum of his life with a live interview. The evening also saw the debut appearance from Southdown Laundry Club who delivered two remarkably powerful pieces of poetry/soundscape work. Check it out. (Warning: Explicit language). It really was a hoot..comedy gold in fact.

Pete Jones Interview with Julie Hamill

Furthermore….. To round off a wonderful evening, The Rock N Roll Book Club band took to the stage! A special one-off performance starring Pete Jones, Leigh Heggarty (Ruts DC) Alan Galaxy (Ex-Department S) Andy Thompson (The Tuesday Club) Spizzenergi and his guitarist Luca Commencini, Eddie Roxy (Department S). They played a number of Public Image songs from the first two albums which sounded immense, sung by Andy Thompson. Spizz joined in for a very rough rendition of This Is Not a Love Song and Public Image. If only he had managed to remember the words it would have been ok! It was all done in good fun though and everyone had a laugh. To round the music off, Eddie Roxy got up to sing a couple of Department S songs – On My Own Again and of course, Is Vic There?


A great night was had by all. The audience was a star-studded affair; Duncan Reid, members of Spizzenergi’s band, Paul Simon from Pete’s old band Cowboys International and both members of Rogue Sector all came looking for free beer, to no avail! ha ha…

The only downside of the evening was that I managed to catch a massive wood splinter behind my finger nail which is now hanging off!…ouch!

See ya next time!

Pete X