“I’ve played for loads of bands, but probably turned down the chance to play with more well known bands than anyone else…”

The Pete jones full discography, mostly available on iTunes, Spotify etc.

pete jones live
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Discography In Chronological order:

‘The Reebeneeba’  Bogart 1976  Secret Records (7” vinyl)

‘They’ve Got Me In the Bottle’ Brian Brain 1980 Secret Records  (7” vinyl)

‘Another Million Miles’ Brian Brain 1980 Secret Records (7” vinyl)

‘Unexpected Noises’ Brian Brain 1980 Secret Records (12″ vinyl album)

‘Culture’  Brian Brain 1980 Secret Records (12” vinyl EP)

‘Jive Jive’ Brian Brain 1981 Secret Records (7” vinyl)

‘Funky ZooBrian Brain 1982 Secret Records (12” and 7” vinyl)

‘This is Not a Love Song’ PiL 1983 Virgin Records (12” and 7” vinyl)

‘Commercial Zone’ PiL 1983 bootleg (12″vinyl)

‘Twisted’ Pete Jones 2000 JAM UK (CD)

‘Neurotechnic’ Pete Jones  2005 JAM UK (CD)

‘Blue Water’ PiL cover on Tribute Underground Inc. 2005 (CD)

Grand Finale’ Creepy Dolls JAM UK  2007 (CD)

‘Diamonds and Barricades’ Pete Jones 2014 JAM UK (CD)

‘Vixen’ Pete & Charlie 2008 JAM UK (Digital single)

‘Stupid Boy’ Pete & Charlie 2011 JAM UK (Digital album)

‘It’s Fu*king Christmas’ Pete Jones 2012 JAM UK (Digital)

‘Spit’ Creepy Dolls JAM UK digital 2012 (Digital)

‘When All Is Said and All is Done’ Department S Westworld 2016 (CD, Digital)

‘Songs For Someone Else’ Southdown Laundry Club  JAM UK 2017 (Digital)

‘I Believe’ Department S JAM UK 2017 (Digital)

’45 Revolutions’ singles collection Department S Westworld 2018 (CD and 12” yellow vinyl)

Blood Red, Bible Black’ Pete Jones JAM UK 2019 (digital)

‘Psycho Drill’  Pete Jones JAM UK 2019 Digital From the album ‘Contrivances For The Soul’

Psycho Drill’ Pete Jones/Rogue Sector Remix JAM UK (Digital)

‘Platform’ Southdown Laundry Club JAM UK (Digital)

‘Contrivances for the Soul’ Pete Jones Vinyl/digital JAM UK est. release September 2019

‘On My Own Again’  Pete Jones digital only release through JAM UK. A cover version of a song originally recorded for Department S. March 2020.

World In Sunlight’ Pete Jones – Leigh Heggarty digital release on JAM UK July 2020

‘The Ballad of Bunky Wimp (Pt.1: Peru)’ Pete Jones digital release on JAM UK November 2020

‘The Ballad of Bunky Wimp (Pt.2: Arthur)’ Pete Jones digital release on JAM UK January 2021

Plus various other guest appearances, re-releases and remixes, too numerous to mention. A discography to die for.

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