SENSORIUM is a 4-track EP and will be available on all digital platforms from 14th April 2023. And if you are wondering what Sensorium means:

A sensorium is the apparatus of an organism’s perception considered as a whole, the “seat of sensation” where it experiences, perceives and interprets the environments within which it lives..

So, now you know… don’t fret about it.


I will also be making available a limited edition of hand printed, numbered and signed copies on CD. Unlike the above image, each CD will each be different and unique. Buy several and have a set!! You will be helping keep me busy and focussed on producing my art, it really does help.

Sensorium on CD will be priced at a profit-evaporating £5 in the UK and £7 elsewhere (no wonder I’m not rich). Purchased directly from my SHOP HERE. Or you can PayPal me direct at:

Radio and press copies of Sensorium will be made available on request.

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Stay safe, live life and love one another.

Joyless Jones

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