Southdown Laundry Club

“An idea dreamt up down the pub…. whilst waiting for laundry to dry..”


Sometimes, you meet someone by accident with whom you instantly connect and have a natural rapport with; Irvine Hunter is that very person. We met in The Carpenters Arms whilst waiting for our laundry to dry one wet afternoon. During our conversation as we righted the world we found a common love of words and music. Irvine writes the words and I do the music.

I had an idea of putting soundscapes to his poetry, poetry I admired greatly, and hence our first release “Songs For Someone Else” was made. 


Here’s a sample: ‘Born By a River’


Southdown Laundry Club have a new release for summer 2019: ‘Platform’ is another collection of words and soundscapes that will test your resolve. Available from all your favourite digital outlets.



Here’s a taster from Platform: ‘Kingfisher

WHAT is Southdown Laundry Club?

Southdown Laundry Club is a neo-Dadaist, post-ironic collective of artists, poets, musicians, comedians, raconteurs, boozehounds and ageing scamps based in Southdown, the area of Harpenden fast garnering a reputation as the Hertfordshire town’s Artists Quarter. Southdown, long known as The Village by locals keen to nurture a separate identity, is also often referred to as SoHa (South Harpenden).

HOW many members does it have?

Currently, it has two full members – its founders Irvine Hunter and Pete “Joyless” Jones – its associate member, Oscar, who is a dog, sadly passed away in 2017. Oscar has been replaced by full-time member and contributor Andy Trussler who is a musician, producer and all round decent chap. Andy is half of dark electronica duo Rogue Sector

IS it possible to join?

Most certainly! Anyone who has used the facilities at Southdown Launderette in Harpenden – and has photographic proof thereof – is eligible to join, provided a simple majority of full members votes in favour.

SO why does it have so few members?

No application to join has yet been successful, mainly because the founder members have so far, in secret ballots, always voted 1-1. This problem could be solved were Oscar to be elevated to full membership, and therefore full voting rights, but this is proving difficult as he has proved unable, or unwilling, to swear the short oath necessary for this to take place. This is now highly unlikely since his untimely death. The founding members’ desire to expand the SLC is both heartfelt and genuine and all can rest assured that they have given the problem much thought at their regular meetings in the Carpenters Arms, also known as Headquarters.

Irvine Hunter is a semi-detached journalist who was born in a secret location on the Firth of Clyde. He was brought up in Clydebank, a town on Glasgow’s western frontier which gave the world ocean liners such as the Queen Elizabeth and the QE2, plus biscuits, sewing machines and Wet Wet Wet. From 1974-1976 he lived in Glasgow before becoming an economic migrant and heading for England. He began working in London in 1986, via Birmingham and Manchester. He is lazy, unfocused, pedantic, grumpy and erratic and uses self-deprecation as a cynical ploy to try to divert attention from his near-narcissism and unwarranted superiority complex. He is so arrogant that he writes in the third person and believes no one will know it’s him. Despite his many character flaws, he is a good bloke to have a laugh and a drink with, although I wouldn’t take it any further than that if I were you.

Pete ‘Joyless’ Jones

Pete “Joyless” Jones is a musician, music producer and all round decent chap raised on the council estates of Watford; stark, desolate and joyless. His life meandered aimlessly for some years until he started playing for famous rock bands at the age of 25, most notable of these were Public Image Limited and Department S. Since then, he has continued to meander aimlessly, albeit whilst playing a musical instrument, which is no mean feat. He composes the soundscapes that accompany Irvine’s fine wordsmithery and like most artists, spends his time in a semi dreamlike state thinking, creating and wondering where the next idea will come from. Other than that, he can be a bit of a grouch, so go careful.

Andrew Trussler is a musician/producer who writes and records with Paul Freegard under the name of Rogue Sector. They produce dark, minimalist electronica and have remixed tracks for various artists including Joyless and Department S. Not quite as miserable as Pete Joyless Jones but he runs a close second.