Spanish Snow causes a drift?

“…..a spanish thing without sounding like a fucking Spanish Restaurant” S.L. 365radio

“… It was very clever, best thing I’ve heard today” S.L. 365radio

“…He’s clever, really really talented” Dawn Parry 365radio

Well, it’s summer I guess (almost) and certainly is hot enough so what better way to celebrate the warm sun than by releasing a song called Spanish Snow? It’s what I’m like.

Some more familiar with my work will recognise that this track first appeared on my 2019 critically acclaimed album CONTRIVANCES FOR THE SOUL that I released on blue, heavyweight, numbered vinyl. (I still have some dust-covered copies of Contrivances for the Soul available from my shop here). I’ll even sign them.

Spanish Snow was one of my favourite tracks off the album and I felt it deserved another airing so it’s available from Friday 16th June from all the usual streaming platforms.

It will also be available as a download from my Bandcamp page which is preferable as I get to keep more of the meagre pickings.

I‘ve often been asked about the bass playing on this track and some are interested in hearing it in more detail so I have posted a couple of stripped down remixes on my Soundcloud page. One as a karaoke version sans vocals

And another with just bass and drums that really gives a chance to hear me trip over my fingers whilst making it all up as I go along. It also illustrates why I play mostly with a plectrum: to give that sharp attack and edge to the sound that can’t be done with floppy fingers, trust me.

Spanish Snow with just bass and drums

Anyhow, that’s about it from me for the summer… I tend to shut the studio down while the weather is nice, get out and about, and enjoy the sunshine (if there is any)

Stay safe, and I’ll see you further down the road

Pete ‘Joyless’ Jones xxx

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