The Ballad of Bunky Wimp

Who or what is Bunky Wimp? Here, I attempt to explain the lyrics of the four songs from my EP The Ballad of Bunky Wimp.

Bunky Wimp is the inner Pete Jones, the younger me, the voice of reason in my head, that tells me how stupid I’ve been or how misguided I am. It’s the nagging self doubt, the whisper in the ear, the stab in the back. So I will go through the four songs line by line and explain what I was thinking when I wrote or used the words. Lyrics are in italics.

Part 1: Peru

I have another story to tell you today, do you wanna hear it?

Not everybody does, many don’t but just a few might be interested so I thought I’d ask.

Everything begins with a germ or a seed

That’s how my ideas start, the creative process starts with a thought, a word or a memory, a sharpening of the pencil.

Everyone has a need to be fulfilled or to bleed

I have to create art, whatever its form, and have felt that way my whole life. Mostly it’s been music that has satisfied my artistic bent, but not alawyas. It can at times be a painful experience.

The first rose is the deepest it has the sharpest thorns

I love a new idea in the early beginnings of its creation though the initial form may be rough and certainly when I write a song, the basic idea sounds shit and can often make me anxious.

The curtains in my head I stand behind, hiding.

I pretend it isn’t happening, put on a front while inside I’m fearful. Inherently shy.

I change the game I change the game, put the iron in the fire.

My ideas change and evolve, day by day I feel different about what I’m doing and change things constantly but eventually I have to make a choice and commit.

Same again, same again, iron in the sky burning

I keep going working until I eventually end up with an idea that I can hold up and show to the world without feeling embarrassed.

I’m walking round this town with a shiver and a frown.

Quite often, lyrics within the same song will refer to different subjects and may not be related to each other at all. This line is a reflection of how I feel about where I live; cold, wet, English town full of narrow-minded bigots.

Waving at the moon, pointing at the stars.

My interest in astronomy takes my mind off things – look outward, not inward and helps gain perspective.

And wait for opportunities that ain’t coming my way soon.

The proverbial carrot of promise that has been dangling in front of my face since I was 17.

Be wary of your first love, be careful of the first born.

Don’t take the first offer, girlfriend, job, opportunity – make sure your initial decisions are the right ones.

Do you think she ever loved me? do you think she ever cared? did she lay in bed last night? was she thinking of me?

Does anyone care what you have done, achieved, created in your life? Nobody in particular, in the wider sense It says that nobody really gives a flying fuck about what you do.

Don’t be a fool Eric, of course she doesn’t.

There’s your answer.

Do you know anything about uranium?

Why don’t you try doing something different? I ask myself, try different things.

You’re very lucky, yes, I know I am.

I’m lucky to be in a position to do what I want to do, without anyone telling me otherwise. And I know it.

We both took a chance and both lost.

A cryptic way of saying I never became as successful as I had hoped/dreamt.

250,000 of it if you want it.

I could have well achieved greater things had I taken all the opportunities that were presented to me over the years.

Do you know anything about Peru?

The rich lands I could have had.

Part2: Arthur

This one is about a crime where nature, not man, have it.

This refers to all the wrongs I ever did in my life and got away with

The background monologue talks about my schooldays during which I never measured up to my elder brother despite trying my very best to please parents and teachers. My efforts were never quite good enough – try harder they said.

Arthur’s shirt had blue ink on it. I never got caught, but I often think about it.

When I was at school age 10, I splashed blue ink over the back of Arthur’s crisp white school shirt. I never got caught, as nobody saw me do it. So I kept quiet, and didn’t own up despite the teacher grilling the whole class. I felt guilty for ever thereafter.

Standing in a field, hiding contraband, feeling scared.

I stole some small magnets from the school stationary cupboard and was so scared of being caught I threw them in a large field opposite my house. I worried for days on end that the police would find them and catch me.

Arthur? pleasant dreams darling.

I hope Arthur didn’t get chastised for his inky shirt when he got home and that he had a happy life

Only petty thieves are caught!


Is anybody watching? does anybody care.

Nobody cares about my younger years or my artistic output.

Scream as loud as you like, there’s nobody there. Stamp your feet on a soundless stage. Starry eyed from a different age.

References to audiences not turning up at shows, I’ve always had a fear of that since my first gig at 17. Also a reference to bands that were once successful who now play live and believe it’s still 1979 and they somehow have relevance.

It’ll pass, a passing fascination.

Well, I never did grow out of it.

I know what’s best for us and that’s final.

Whatever you decide to do.. it’s the right thing.

We’ve been through this before, I won’t let you make a fool of yourself.

There’s the self doubt, always a reason not to do something, that sad whisper in the ear.

Arthur, are you listening?

Anxiety, denial……heavy breathing.

And all for a mere $300, you’re a fool to have taken it.

The things I have done for free, paid very little (like playing for PiL?)

Nature, not man.

Other forces will ultimately decide what you do in life whether you want to or not.

Remember, if you must steal, steal big, make it worthwhile.

Does greater dishonesty bring greater rewards? Should I have been more of a cunt?

Part3: Straw:

Pile of straw

Vulnerability, things can come crashing down at a moments notice.

I don’t want you to think I’m out of my mind

Am I?

5 hours to go.

Not much time left, it’s about getting older and having less time to achieve.

I think I see a light ahead.


And don’t tell anybody when you go out.

Keep your feelings yourself, don’t give anything away.


It’s what I’m owed, probably a lot lore than that tbh.

A wax dead man on a pile of straw.

This is a reference to those that no longer mean anything to me, not just those that I have worked with.

Mind the boat.

Rescue boat? cruise ship? runaway?

I am a thief.

Stealing ideas from other people, like any musician does.

Yes, or no.

Inner battles, making decisions.

You’re in a jam son.

My inner voice telling me I’m fucked.

You hate me don’t you?

Self doubt.


I don’t know where I am, or who I am, I just don’t remember

An admission. As my memory worsens I am unable to recall the past as well as I might. What’s true, what’s not.

Lucky you’re alive man.

Yes, I am, having had several near death experiences in my life.

Don’t make waves.

Don’t fuck up what you have right now.

I never saw that face before in my life.

The face of who I wanted to be.

That’s what they’re calling a poor working man.

That’s all I am, my father.

What’s this idea?

My latest creation/song

There’s a thousand memories waiting on the shore, waiting for the heart to call them all ashore. Looking for adventure on that long cold night. Couldn’t tell if I’d been broken.

All my memories that I’ve now long since forgotten, I’m sure some of them belong in my heart, all the good times I’ve forgotten, the pleasant dreams I’ve had. Is this normal? am I broken?

Theres a thousand broken dreams, In my eyes. pieces of the puzzle fall its no surprise. There’s a thousand broken dreams

For sure. Life never panned out how I thought it would and I don’t suppose it does for anyone.

Set fire to the world

My ambition

It’s called a tape machine. I wanna hear what the tape says.

Write it all down before you get too old to remember, record the truth.

How much you gonna pay me to shut up?

What is the cost of shutting down the inner voice of self-doubt that led to the crushing of your dreams?

You really are insane.


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