Here comes Bunky Wimp!

Yep!, Bunky Wimp is coming…20th November 2020 sees the release of yet another Pete Jones digital single on JAM UK records. . It should be available from all your favourite digital outlets.


The Ballad of Bunky Wimp cover art
Bunky Wimp Cover Art

This is the first of a four part project, with Bunky being the main theme. Parts two, three and four will be released in due course.

Who is Bunky Wimp? Well, that’s for you to figure out, answers on a postcard please!

The official video for the release is now available on YouTube.



“This is the best 4 part trilogy I’ve ever heard…” JL

“I’ve never met Bunky Wimp, but I’m sure that if I did, I’d either kiss him or smack him in the mouth…It is a ‘He’ right?” Q

“It’s a cosy little number, perfect for these cold winter nights…” Knitting Weekly.

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